Redson Redson
Redson manufacture the following Cranes:
EOT cranes
» Single Girder – Up to 10 Tonnes capacity
» Double Girder Bi-rail Crab – Up to 50 tonnes
Goliath Crane
» Single Girder – Up to 10 Tonnes capacity
» Double Girder – Up to 50 Tonnes capacity.
JIB Cranes
» Up to 5 Tonnes capacity
Misc. Cranes
» Bracket Cranes, Polar Cranes etc.
» The Cranes are manufactured as per BIS standards, IS-807 for Structural fabrication and IS-3177 & IS-4137 for General Purpose and Steel Mill duty Cranes in Class-I, II, III & IV Duties.
» The Girders and End Carriages are manufactured out of Steel plated fusion welding quality combining high strength and optimum weight parameters.
» Crab Frames are of Steel plate fusion welded construction for heavy-duty operation
» Forged Wheels duly hardened, mounted on L-bearing, Housing and heavy duty spherical roller bearings.
» Total enclosed helical gearboxes for all motion.
» Steel Rope Drums.
» Geared couplings for all motions
» Electro Hydraulic thruster Breaks
Various Other Products
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